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Susan Briggs 

We are saddened to post that our Mom, Susan Briggs, died July 15,
2008 at her home in Missouri. We love and miss her. She worked
tirelessly to promote Icelandic Sheep and to help other shepherds. If
desired, in lieu of flowers, those who want to send a memorial to Susan can:

Donate to Heifer Project International,
1 World Avenue,
Little Rock,AR/USA 72202
Tel.: (800) 422-0474

Become a member of National Public Radio.

Support Seed Savers Exchange, 3094 North Winn Rd, Decorah, Iowa 52101
Phone: (563) 382-5990

Subscribe to the Stockman Grass Farmer (1-800-748-9808) to learn
about pasture and grass management for your sheep.


Plant a native tree or establish a garden on your property.

Important Note: We are preserving this website to provide information to those interested in Icelandic Sheep.
We no longer offer any sheep or sheep products for sale. 

Lisa, Sam, Amy, Tova and Anna




Bullet About the Tongue River Farm

bullet News Letter Summer 2007

bullet Farm Photo Tour  New photos.

bullet Shearing Days Fall 2000 lots of sheep photos.

Photo by Tova Spector

bullet Herd Sires used in 2007
Our home raised sires
bullet  Herd Sires from Iceland used in 2007 via AI 
 Imported Iceland genetics used for 32 ewes this year.
Imported  Ram Semen  . . . also the following Import Articles . .
Three years needed for import Al 

            - Icelandic Sheep Semen Importation 

Bullet   Information about Icelandic Sheep

bullet Quick Facts about Icelandic Sheep  
. . .some common questions answered here

bullet Questions  and Answers

bullet How to tattoo and tag your lamb  . . . with photos to help you!

bullet Milking Icelandic Sheep . . . start your sheep dairy now!

bullet Marketing your Sheep and their Products on the Internet
bullet The Marketers Dream  
The economic
$ of owning these $heep 
If you are considering Icelandics and are unsure about how to 
make them pay, see this page.

bullet Winters work . . . All about skirting fleece

bullet Color Genetics in Icelandic Sheep  . . . with lots of photos of patterns and colors.

bullet The Mystery of the Grey-Mouflon . . as a single gene pattern.

bullet "Saddleback" Legendary Ewe . .A famous ewe.
bullet Grey Pet: foundation ewe 

bullet Managing Your Ewe Book by Laura Lawson  a 'must have' for the shepherd.

bullet Lamb Problems Book by Laura Lawson  a 'must have' for the shepherd.

bullet Articles More articles and reference material.
bullet The Dancing Dairy Shepherd of True North Farm a memorial to a great shepherd
bullet  Stefania part 1  
bullet  Stefania part 2


bullet Books Sheep books for the shepherd.

bullet Magazines Sheep magazines for the shepherd.

bullet All about Icelandic fleece  Description, uses, spinning, washing.
bullet Washing Icelandic Fleece 


bullet Links Some favorite links. 

bullet News Letters  2005 and Summer 2003  
bullet News Letters Fall 2001-Winter 2002
bullet News Letter -Winters work Article on skirting fleece in the winter.
bullet Fall 2000 - Winter 2001

 Iceland Trip Photo Tour  A trip we made to Iceland to study the sheep farms and country.

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