The Fall Felt Ball @ TRF

 We were 'needled' into throwing a Felt Ball

They were Rockin' and a Rollin'

A line dance was formed

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Dolly.jpg (82599 bytes)
Dolly sang for the crowd

Willy.jpg (116549 bytes)
Willy too

Sally.jpg (122437 bytes)
Sally is getting a little older

Aunt Beth.jpg (98839 bytes)
Aunt Beth was the life of the party

Wendy gray moorit.jpg (120091 bytes)
Wendy let it all hang out

Mark.jpg (92500 bytes)
Mark arrived late but made it an all night'r with Aunt Beth

Small mouth John & Louise.jpg (97713 bytes)
Small Mouth' John and Louise really rolled

Art Bell.jpg (68216 bytes)
Art Bell (UFO radio fame) is looking a little strange these days

Dick Smoke.jpg (97023 bytes)
Dick Smoke (the Sheriff) with his old style comb-over kept an eye on things


This all started when I got a hold of a couple of felting needles and took a felt ball and .....

Let the party begin!!!

New Felting book!!
By Ayala Talpai
The Felting Needle from factory to fantasy
working wool without water & related matters
With felting needles enclosed

Felt_book.gif (225788 bytes)  Ayala_Talpai.gif (65872 bytes)

Introducing the felting needle! ...a little tool adapted from industry for various handfelting and dollmaking procedures. This engaging book is written for a wide range of skills & ages and seasoned with asides from its author (a woman over 50). within you'll find instructions for set-up, for safety, for situations where only a felting needle can prevail, and a supply of the felting needles themselves.

This is a wonderful and clearly written book on using felting needles to make all kinds of fun things. Lots of fun.
You may order this book from us with or without your felting batt order
The price is $16.95 plus postage

Get your felting needles at 

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