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Premium Fleeces For Sale

We have excellent clean raw fleeces in stock. The fleeces are meticulously skirted of tags, belly and any vegetative matter. The fleece is lustrous and has a dual coat that can either be easily separated or spun with both coats together. The outer coat is similar to mohair and the inner coat is similar to cashmere. We will send info on spinning the fleece with the order if you request it.

What our customers say.....

"We are ecstatic about the fleece you sent us for Retreat! it is so wonderful we decided to leave it intact so everyone can see the quality and cleanliness before we divvy it up." W.C. Indiana

"I knew that they would be beautiful, but I wasn't prepared for breath taking. Oh my!!  Besides the great handle, the colors are like no gray/moorit that I've yet come across. Thank you so very much. I feel very fortunate to be able to acquire your fleeces. Yum!! P.J. Indiana  

"My fleece arrived yesterday. Superb! It will give just the tweedy look that my husband was after. The quality of your fleeces is amazing, and they are so CLEAN. I was up to my elbows in my little lamb fleece last night, and there wasn't any portion I didn't consider first quality. Thanks very much!" D.K. Washington

"Thanks again for reserving the fleeces. I'm hooked ever since I bought your fleeces last year. 
They are a joy to card and spin!" C.K. Maryland 

"Susan, we are impressed with how well the fleeces are skirted, and how 
clean they are
overall. They are beautiful."  E&N in IL

    "Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the Icelandic fleece I purchased from you.  It is superb - beautifully clean, just as you described on your listing regarding fineness of tog and thel, and better than I was hoping for.  The fleece is my personal reward for getting all the work done to arrange and hold an education conference in Washington, DC.  So, as soon as I get back next week, I'm digging into that scrumptious fleece.  Thanks again.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you. (I'm keeping my eye on your listings. Who knows what else will tempt me?)"   L.H. in NC

"Honestly, your fleeces are the cleanest, most accurately described fleeces I have found. I would have to say that your "word pictures" are the next best thing to a digital photo, and with my monitor, possibly better." D.B. in IN

For detailed information on Icelandic Fleece click here.
Fleece samples and hand spinning instructions are available. Please send SASE. 

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Lamb fleeces
How to order: Since the fleeces comes in varying weights orders must be figured individually. We do not take credit cards nor Pay Pal (sorry) but we do take checks, cash or money orders . if you will email (trf@icelandicsheep.com) or call us (417-469-1151) we will figure out your order including postage. Then you need to send a check, money order, or cash to this address Tongue River Farm:  5000 CR 4910, Pomona, MO 65789. We will fill your order right away.

Lamb fleeces come from 7 month old lambs and 
are softer and more silky than adult fleeces

Spinning and washing instructions click here

New fleeces now! Updated June 7th, 2008

 We unfortunately cannot pre-reserve any fleeces. If you see a fleece you want, please let us know as soon as possible as they go very fast once they are posted on this page. We will reserve any fleece posted here for one week to await for funds to arrive. We try to keep this list updated and delete fleeces as they are sold.

8) Lamb. Light beige with ginger tips. Long staple, very soft and fine. Good balance of tog and thel. Some very small seeds in the fleece. beautiful. 1.22#  $32.67

15) Lamb. Light smoky beige thel with rich gingery tips. Short staple to about 6 inches. Very fine and soft. Rammy fragrance, Neutralize by putting a splash of vinegar in the rinse water. Some very small seeds in the fleece, beautiful. 1.29#  $45.15

18) Adult; beige with ginger tips. Excellent balance of tog anf thel. Long staple soft. excellent. #1.45  $36.25


21) Sale pending Adult; variable color from white to medium grey to locks with light silver bases and creamy tips. Will mostly spin up an oatmeal color. Soft dense crimpy locks, excellent  1.69#   $35.00

22) Sale Pending Lamb; 1/2 creamy white and 1/2 pale smoky beige. Should spin up an oatmeal color. Very soft and fine. Gorgeous. 1.72#  $51.60

25) Lamb; 1/2 creamy white and 1/2 smoky beige. Should spin up an oatmeal color. Very soft and fine. Excellent . 1.42#  $42.60

29) Adult. smoky beige with ginger tips. soft with excellent balance. Will spin up a oatmeal color. gorgeous. 1.75#  $43.75 

37) Sale Pending Lamb; 1/2 pale beige and 1/2 soft white. soft, medium staple, good balance. Excellent 2.64#  $52.80

40)Sale Pending Lamb; light smoky brown grey with some creamy white. gorgeous long staple with excellent soft fine locks of excellent balance 2.15#  $58.05

41) Sale Pending lamb; Bluish grey fine and soft. excellent balance, Gorgeous, 2 1/2 lbs  $50.

Contact us.

For detailed information on Icelandic Fleece click here.
Fleece samples and hand spinning instructions are available. Please send SASE. 

Lopi style yarn
in four natural colors
New  Sock (sport weight) yarn the ultimate sock yarn
New  Lace weight yarn (lamb)  incredible!

Be sure to check out the shearing days page
Photos of shearing the herd and all it involves. 

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