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Tongue River Farm 

Home raised herd sires used in 2007


SRX744S-AI Saga by Rector--SRX413P Patriarch (Bambi/Horvi)---SRX867S Superman (Lomji/Horvi/Bambi/Blaevar/Hunn)


  SRX368P "Phantom" black horned single ram. One of the best MacBeth sons ever. He is holding his black color pretty well. he has excellent symmetrical hornset and long thick high quality fleece. His offspring are fabulous. He has a quiet disposition and very square meaty conformation. He is very heat tolerant and parasite resistant. Both parents are AI. NICE ram!! Sire: SRX71M-AI by Bambi (Bambi/Blaevar) One of the most beautiful rams ever. Dam: SRX40N-AI by Stapi (1,1,2,3)

  SRX867S "Superman" spotted black/grey horned twin ram. May carry Moorit. Excellent hornset. Wonderful fleece and very square and correct conformation. Nice disposition. I believe that he is the only ram in the USA with Ljori genetics. Sire SRX93N-AI by Ljori (Ljori/Horvi/Hunn); Dam: SRX247P A MacBeth daughter. Prolific ewe and milky (2,2,2) (Bambi/Blaevar/Hunn)

  SRX413P Patriarch; triplet moorit badgerface horned ram Sire: SRX71M-AI Bambi (Macbeth); Dam SRX343J-AI by Horvi excellent producer and high milk production. Easy lamber. Heat tolerant and parasite resistant. Patriarch's lambs are stunning. He has great meat conformation, fabulous fleece and excellent horns and disposition. He carries the AI genetics of Horvi/Bambi/ Blaevar/Old Mori and STS616 One of the most productive ewes ever.

Neptune SRX59N-AI Kani Moorit/grey horned twin ram. Neptune has a fabulous silky lustrous fleece and excellent horns as well as excellent conformation. He has passed on these excellent traits to his many offspring. He just keeps getting more beautiful each year. Heat tolerant and parasite resistant.  Sire: Kani 98864 Iceland sire; Dam SRX706K.


  SRX744S-AI by Rector "Saga" Black horned twin ram. Carries moorit and spotting. One of the widest deepest bodied lambs ever born on our farm. Excellent meat conformation. Excellent wide symmetrical hornset. Fabulous, very black fleece. Holding it's very black color. Quiet disposition. His first lambs are excellent. Sire: Iceland Sire Rector, said to be the best colored sire ever in Iceland (see Iceland Sires page for photos and description). Dam SRX281P Easy lamber, excellent milker; has many triplets in her background. (Hnykill/Askur/Flekkur)


  TCE342T-AI by Mori black polled twin ram lamb, carries moorit. Sire: Mori Iceland Sire 02-935; Dam TCE263R This ewe carries many Tongue River Farm bloodlines and AI sires (Eir/Askur/Heli). He has excellent fleece, long body and excellent meat conformation. He is being bred to many of my best oldest AI polled ewes in hopes of producing some colored offspring from many of these great ewes.

  TCE338T-AI by Gaddur, white horned twin ram carrying solid color. Sire: Gaddur Iceland sire; Dam TCE227R a black horned ewe, carrying Tongue River farm genetics of Laekur and Hunn.. He has excellent horn set, excellent fleece, conformation and disposition.


  SRX86T "Trumpet" Moorit horned twin ram. Stunning horn set, Fine soft fleece, excellent disposition. Excellent meat conformation. Milky Dam. One of our best ram lambs this year. Sire: TCE228R (Laekur/Hunn) Has high percentage Tongue River Farm breeding. Dam: SRX357P (1,2,2)(Bambi/Blaevar/Bruni/Stubbur)


    SRX917T "Thunder" Grey moorit twin horned ram. Fabulous fine silky fleece. Long body. Wide hornset, Quiet disposition. Excellent meat conformation; the best hind quarters of all of the ram lambs this year. Sire: TCE228R Laekur/Hunn) High percentage of Tongue River Farm breeding. Dam: SRX623R a gorgeous Neptune daughter with his silky lustrous fleece. Excellent milk production, easy lamber, excellent mother. (1,2) (Kani/Bambi/Blaevar/Stubbur)


    TCE361T-AI by Partur white polled single ram. Carries solid color. Fabulous fine thick fleece. Very square conformation. Excellent meaty conformation with excellent hind quarters and wide body.  Sire: Iceland Sire Partur. Dam: TCE210R black polled with a high percentage of Tongue River Farm breeding. (Flekkur/Hnykill/Eir/Heli)

  SRX954T Black "Grouflon" polled single ram. Excellent fleece and fabulous conformation, meaty and square. Heat tolerant. One of my best polled ram this year. Both his dam and sire are AI. Sire: SRX53N-AI by Sonor "Nebula". One of the best polled rams I have ever raised. Champion material.(Sonor/3D/66Z) Dam: SRX742L-AI by Hnykill.(2,2,2,2,1). triplet. milky, easy lamber, fabulous conformation and fleece. (Hnykill/3D)


  SRX963T "Tiger" spotted moorit single ram. Excellent thick fleece. Excellent spotting pattern and quiet disposition. Excellent square and meaty conformation. Heat tolerant! His dam's dam is one of the best Saddleback daughters ever. Sire: SRX862S My best polled ram in 2006. His breeding reflects the best of my breeding program. (Austri/Vestri/Hnykill/616F/Hunn/Dalur/158G). Dam: SRX367J-AI by Skreppur triplet. Her dam is a Saddleback daughter. (188Z/159Z/Saddleback) One of my oldest and best AI ewes (0,2,2,2,2,1,1)


Sires used in 2006

 TCE258R spotted moorit 2 year old twin ram. Proven sire. Excellent meat conformation and wide horns. Fine fleece. Nice spotting pattern and throws nice spotting in his lambs. Has the same sire as the National Champion ewe in 2006. This is a fabulous ram. His offspring are excellent with excellent hornset. Easy disposition. Sire: SRX802L-AI Laekur ; Dam: TCE107N (Flotti) $1000.

  TCE258T pictured with SRX77M-AI Austri


    More of TCE258R



Herd Sires used in the Fall of 2004

    "Neptune" SRX59N-AI by Kani 

SRX59M-AI “Neptune” by Kani. He is a twin horned grey moorit 2 year old. His dam is SRX706K who has lovely horns and one of the loveliest fleeces I have ever had in my flock. Her lambing record is (1,1,2,2). She is very milky and an easy lamber and has excellent conformation. Dam’s pedigree brings in many of the early old imported lines that were brought in by Stefania Dignum. His sire Kani is a son of Molur another AI sire of note. Kani is a horned moorit mouflon was brought into the AI station in Iceland in order to improve the horned colored stock in the US and Iceland. He has excellent horns and all over score for conformation.“Neptune” is square has excellent conformation and a fabulous fine soft fleece. His horns are perfect and symmetrical. He has a quiet disposition and is a gentleman with his ewes. He is bred to most of my horned ewes this year. He easily settled them in their first heat. Fabulous ram!

SRX141M-AI by Flekkur

SRX141M-AI “Man-O-War” by Flekkur. This very black AI single polled three year old is one of the tallest/biggest rams in my flock. He is completely polled, and is keeping his very inky black non-graying color. His fleece is excellent with a lot of  thel and very long shiny tog. He is alert and quiet. He is a gentleman to his ewes and smart. His first lambs from 2003 are excellent. He carries an excellent spotting pattern and probably moorit. He is long bodied and has excellent square conformation with excellent muscling. By using him I am line breeding the best ewes and rams in my flock (Saddleback/Golsa breeding). His lambs should be spectacular and inherit his long body, excellent fleece and conformation as well as easy lambing, prolificacy and milkiness. Many of my polled ewes are bred to him this year.

His sire Flekkur was clear polled spotted black and weighed 195 lbs long bodied with a long rack and excellent muscling, his dam was 10 years old and had a 200% lambing record. Flekkur's daughters are prolific and very milky. The Flekkur daughters in my flock are big, milky and prolific with excellent spotting patterns and easy lambing.

Man O War's dam is SRX448J whose lambing record is (1,2,1,2,1). This lambing record reflects the fact that she has been AI’d several times which eschews her true productivity. (AI can cause more or less lambs than the ewe would usually produce if bred naturally). Her sire is STS3D (Mocum) who is a Saddleback son. Her dam is STS45D a Golsa daughter and one of my best and most productive ewes. This is the best breeding in my flock. Dam is of excellent conformation, and easy lamber and has excellent udder and milk production. 


 Herd Sires used in 2002


Scp# Flock # Name Bth H/P Color/pat Sire Dam Comments
SRX836L 3.jpg (136698 bytes)

SRX836L head 3.jpg (125586 bytes)1861

SRX836L Laddie 1 h gr/mor SRX512K-AI SRX706K
SRX768L-AI head.jpg (158049 bytes)

SRX768L-AI.jpg (121078 bytes)1720

SRX768L-AI Landseer 2 h wt/ph Laekur SRX394J
 SRX774L-AI 8.jpg (146327 bytes)

SRX774L-AI 6.jpg (139854 bytes)1724

SRX774L-AI Landmark 4 h white Morro SRX334J-AI
SRX802L-AI front.jpg (120793 bytes)

SRX802L-AI head3.jpg (105569 bytes)1751

SRX802L-AI Lair 2 h white Laekur SRX455J
white horned ram.gif (158439 bytes)2563 SRX65M-AI Macarthur 0070 2 h white Sponn SRX645K
SRX765L-AI 2.jpg (134586 bytes)

SRX765L-AI head.jpg (113549 bytes)1717

SRX765L-AI Laredo 3 p bl/bad Buri SRX22F
2572 SRX95M-AI Magnific 3 sc spt/bl/gr Vestri SRX441J
SRX141M-AI Man-O-War 0037 1 h black Flekkur SRX448J
SRX167M fromt.jpg (112283 bytes)

SRX167M 5.jpg (142801 bytes)2559

SRX167M Megalith 0008 2 p bl/bad/grouf SRX743L-AI SRX508K-AI
  SRX178M Melee 0039 1 sc homz.bl/gr SRX528K-AI SRX788L-AI
 SRX236M 3.jpg (134185 bytes) SRX236M   2 sc mor/grouflon SRX743L-AI SRX450J
SRX307M 3.jpg (165256 bytes)1916 SRX307M 2 p drk mor SRX837L SRX578K tattoo 807
1521 SRX539K-AI                                      3 p white             Askur                STS45D
SRX757L-AI side 2.jpg (162432 bytes)

SRX757L-AI by Eir.jpg (186944 bytes)1711

SRX757L-AI Laramie 2 p white Eir SRX226H
SRX73M-AI.jpg (231054 bytes)

white polled ram lamb.jpg (236164 bytes)2569

SRX73M-AI Mach 3 p white Dalur SRX529K-AI
 white polled ram 3.jpg (142080 bytes) SRX77M-AI Macdonald 2 h white Austri SRX555K-AI
SRX71M-AI 2.jpg (136593 bytes)

SRX71M-AI front 2.jpg (144862 bytes)2573

SRX71M-AI Macbeth 3 h moorit Bambi SRX334J-AI
SRX82M-AI Maestro yt44 1010 3 h black Haengur SRX322J-AI
SRX91M-AI 2.jpg (113026 bytes)

SRX91M-AI.jpg (815701 bytes)

SRX91M-AI.jpg (140915 bytes)2570

SRX91M-AI Magnetize 3 h spt/bl/gr Flotti SRX114H
SRX145M.jpg (457030 bytes) SRX145M Malt 2 P Moorit SRX837L SRX22F
SRX318M Thoka.jpg (88758 bytes) SRX318M mt0031 3 h mor/bad SRX827L SRX544K-AI

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