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We hope that you will enjoy some of this year’s photos. Use the back button on your browser to get back to this page. Don't miss our Tour of Iceland!!!

Sheep let out on they new Missouri farm pasture for the first time in the Early Spring. Ewes heavy with lambs.

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Frances feeds hay

Stefanie feeds the rams
 usdalamb.jpg (60214 bytes)
USDA inspected TRF Icelandic lamb
 hut1.jpg (44564 bytes)

Tunnel hut ready for the sheep.
hut-rex.jpg (91994 bytes)
Rex & tunnel hut
hut-snow.jpg (62207 bytes)
Sheep in tunnel hut during storm.
lama.jpg (26159 bytes)
Susan & Llama
Hanna__Hershey.jpg (16089 bytes)
Hanna & Hershey
chute1.jpg (72661 bytes)

Sheep in the working chute.

chute.jpg (67821 bytes)
Sheep in chute
charlie.jpg (63307 bytes)
Charlie & sheep in the working chute.
shearing1.jpg (59467 bytes)
Ralph shearing
ralph.jpg (51060 bytes)
Ralph shearing
shearing.jpg (61072 bytes)

Ralph shearing

Rx Hat stack.jpg (52035 bytes)
Rex & stack o' hats
herd.jpg (64445 bytes)
Sheep in full fleece
basket2.jpg (59420 bytes)
Sheep horn basket
SheepSkulls.jpg (49456 bytes)
Horned sheep skulls
sorting.jpg (54609 bytes)
Sheep in corral waiting to be worked.
Ozark Spring morning

Waiting in the chute.jpg (66440 bytes) Bumps n basket.jpg (124262 bytes)
'Bumps' of roving in natural colors

Mark, Sam, Rado and Chris tamp in a corner post.

black mouf AI ewe Hnykill.jpg (105950 bytes)

Black mouflon ewe lamb.

Triplets from one of our easy lambing ewes
Four horned yearling Icelandic ram born in Iceland. The Icelandic breed has the 4 horned genetics naturally. This is a trait that the commercial breeders in Iceland have been trying to eliminate. However some breeders in that country prize this trait and are trying to preserve this interesting horn characteristic. We are encouraging the Southram AI station  to collect this ram so that we can bring these genetics to the USA. If you are interested in this trait email us and let us know so we can get an idea about how much interest there is for these animals.
Marilyn Miles feeds Miss Priss on a recent visit. Marilyn and Dennis helped put up electric fence in the tick infested bottom fields. They are real troopers.

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Tongue River Farm
Tongue River Farm

  5000 CR 4910
 Pomona, MO 65789

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