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Iceland's Wool Processing Plant


H ere is the processing plant in order from sorting, washing, making bales to the final product.


wool-0.jpg (37363 bytes)
Skirting and grading wool.

wool-02.jpg (37055 bytes)
Feeding raw wool into the picker

wool-03.jpg (36847 bytes)
Coming out of picker into wash.

wool-04.jpg (36219 bytes)
Wool going through the washing vats.

wool-05.jpg (26030 bytes)
Washed wool going into dryer.

wool-06.jpg (29487 bytes)
Wool coming out of the dryer.

wool-09.jpg (19860 bytes)
carded bats.

wool-08.jpg (37235 bytes)
Pressing  wool into bales.

wool-07.jpg (35846 bytes)
Baled wool.


wool-10.jpg (38498 bytes)
Spinning machine.


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