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Rhinebeck 2001/ Ist Annual ISBONA Show and Sale results


There were 10 different classes in this event: 1) colored junior ewe, 2) colored, 3) yearling ewe colored, 4) junior ewe white, 5) yearling ewe white, 6) junior ram colored, 7) yearling ram colored, 8) stud ram colored, 9) junior ram white, 10) yearling ram white. Horned and polled animals showed together in the various classes. The whites and colored animals were not judged against each other.

There were 4 Champion classes with a Champion and Reserve Champion in each class: 1) colored ewe, 2) white ewe, 3) colored ram and 4) white ram.


The judges were Gudmundur Johannesson and Fanny Lárusdóttir from the SOUTHRAM AI station. They evaluate many of the sheep in Iceland for farmers to help to improve the breed. They may evaluate 500 sheep in one day. They used a tape measure and felt the sheep over the shoulders and back. The sheep were given a score in 9 areas with a possible score of 10 in each category except the leg score which is doubled with a possible 20 points given. Since the legs have the greatest amount of high value of meat it receives double points.


The areas scored were: head, neck and shoulders, chest and C (circumference of the girth??), back, loin, legs (doubled score), wool, feets (their spelling, I like this!!), Harm. (harmony or how well the whole fits together) then a total.

Example: #61/ SRX813L below scored: 8.0 for head, 8.5 for neck and shoulders, Chest and circumference 8.5, back 8.5, loin 8.5, legs 17.0 (8.5 doubled), wool 8.0, feets 8.0, harmony 8.5, total score 83.5


We were told that 8.0 was good and anything under this score has some kind of fault in that area. The emphasis in Iceland is for meat production and a high value carcass.


The Judges were suited in white protective coveralls and shoe covers, which shows their commitment to disease prevention. They were trying to keep from bringing anything back to Iceland with them on their clothes and shoes.


Junior Ewe Lambs - Colored:

1st 61 Tongue River Farm SRX813L $700 Lyle and Donna Behl score 83.5

2nd 58 Frelsi Farm Icelandics/ FFC154L mor spt badger polled/ $400 to Marilyn Stuller/ score 81.5

3rd 51 Jager Farm/BLW384L Bl polled/ $300 to Andrew Munkres score ???

4th  63 True North Farm TNY107L black-gray /$400 to Lisa Presley / score 78.5

5th  47 Tamarack Farm /JA5L polled moorit badgerface /$400 to Dawn Steele Karboski /score 79.0

6th  64 True North Farm /TNY220L moorit-gray /$400 to Dawn Steele Karboski /score 77.5

7th  46 Tamarack Farm /JA12J polled moorit /$400 to Patrick Roll /score 77.5


7 lots…………. total sale amt $3000.00 ……………average $428.57



Yearling Ewes - Colored:

1st 60 Tongue River Farm SRX 688K $725. Laurie Ball-Gisch proxy bid /score 81.5

2nd 44 Priscillamas Wool Farm Pam24K black polled /$300 to Lisa Presley /score 81.0

3rd 53 Frelsi Farm Icelandics / FFC117K mor spt bad polled/ $650 to Andrew Murkres 80.0

4th 41 Solidago Farm- DRK101K-Moorit Badgerface, $$375 to Dawn Steele Karboski/ score 80.0

5th 54 Frelsi Farm Icelandics/ FFC134K bl spt polled/ $500 to Andrew Munkres 79.5

6th 45 Priscillamas Wool Farm PAM56K moorit mouflon polled/ no sale/score 79.5

7th 42 Solidago Farm DRK89K / Spotted Black Badgerface, $225 to Sheila Mooris/ score 79.0

8th 59 Tongue River Farm SRX514K-AI Leader ewe $375 to Priscilla Meinholz /score 78.0


7 lots sold……………total sale $3150.00…………average $450.00


Champion Ewes - Colored:

Champion - Junior Lamb  #61 Tongue River Farm SRX813L score 83.5

Reserve Champion Yearling #60 Tongue River Farm SRX688K



Junior Ewe Lambs - White:

1st 57 Frelsi Farm Icelandics/ FFC221L/ $500 to Priscilla Meinholz /score 80.5 (90 for wool)

2nd 56 Frelsi Farm Icelandics/ FFC186L/$375 to Mary Godesky /score 80.5

3rd 62 Tongue River Farm/ SRX848L wt horned/ $450. to Chuck and Leslie Rovetti /score 80.5

4th 50 Jager Farm/ BLW383L wt horned/ $450 to Mary Godesky/score ???


4 lots sold…………..total sale amt $1750.00…….average $437.50


Yearling Ewes - White:

1st 43 Priscillamas Wool Farm PAM17K white polled/ $300 to Marilyn Stuller/ score 80

2nd 49 Jager Farm/BLW100K wt horned/ not entered in the sale/ score ???

3rd 55 Frelsi Farm Icelandics/ FFC136K /$300 to Sheila Morris/ score 78.5


2 lots sold ………………total sale amt $600.00 …………average $300.00


Champion Ewes - White:

Champion - Junior Lamb #57 Frelsi Farm Icelandics

Reserve Champion – Yearling  #43 Priscillamas Wool Farm




Junior Ram Lambs – Colored

1st 85 Tamarack Farm /JA8L horned black /$150 to Mary Godesky /score 80.0

2nd 92 Frelsi Farm Icelandics/ FFC175L wt horned/ $200 to Priscilla Meinholz /score 78.5

3rd 98 True North Farm/ TNY176L mrt grey horned/ no sale/ score 79.9

4th 100 True North Farm/ TNY110L blk horned/ no sale/ score 78.5


2 lots sold ……………..total sale amount $350.00……average $175.00


Yearling Rams - Colored:

1st 96 True North Farm /TNY57K black mouflon /no sale /score 80.0

2nd 95 True North Farm /TNY90K moorit horned/ $150 Myrna Eicholtz /score 78.5

 3rd 84 Tamarack Farm /JA1K polled moorit /no sale /score 77.5


1 total lot sold………..total sale amt $150.00………average $150.00


Stud Rams - Colored:

1st 83 Tamarack Farm /JA3J polled grey-moorit /$250 private treaty Lucinda Grovenburg /score 79.5

2nd 82 Priscillamas Wool Farm PAM107H black horned/ no sale/ score 79.5

3rd 90 Frelsi Farm Icelandics/ FFC24H spt bl polled/ no sale/ score 78.5

4th 89 Frelsi Farm Icelandics/ FFC49J homozygous grey/ $200 to Priscilla Meinholz / score 77.5


1 lot sold………..total sale amt $200.00………..average $$200.00




Champion Rams - Colored:

Champion - Junior Lamb - #85 Tamarack Farm /JA8L black horned /$150 to Mary Godesky /score 80.0 /

Reserve Champion - Yearling - #96 True North Farm TNY57K/ no sale




Junior Ram Lambs – White

1st 93 Tongue River Farm SRX772L-AI/ no sale /score 82.5

2nd 88 Jager Farm/ BLW187L wt polled/ $150 to Priscilla Meinholz/score ???

3rd 91 Frelsi Farm Icelandics/ FFC224L/ $225 to Priscilla Meinholz/ score 80.0

4th 99 True North Farm /TNY124K /$200 Chuck and Leslie Rovetti /score


3 total lots…………..total sale amt $575.00…………average $191.67


Yearling Rams - White:

1st 94 Tongue River Farm SRX510K-AI $250 Lyle and Donna Behl /score 83.5

2nd 97 True North Farm /TNY41K white horned/$250 to Lyle and Donna Behl/ score 81.5

3rd 87 Jager Farm/ BLW132K wt horned/ $150 to Priscilla Meinholz/ score ???


3 lots sold……….. total sale amount $650.00………average $216.00




Champion Rams - White:

Champion - Yearling - #94 Tongue River Farm SRX510K-AI /score 83.5

Reserve Champion- Junior Lamb - #93 Tongue River Farm SRX772L-AI  /score 82.5









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