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Iceland AI Ram Dropi

Ram Sire:  "Dropi"      91975
Weights and Measures
Measured in 1992: 92kg - 106cm - 25cm - 126

8 - 8 - 8.5 - 8 - 8.5 - 18 - 8 - 7.5 - 8 overall 92.5

Description: White horned, speckled on head, long horns, strong looking neck, broad well connected to shoulder, strong well muscled but not too broad, chest broad, chest cavity wide, back strong, well muscled. Rack is muscled drawn back leg muscle fantistic, meaty rear end, leg muscles deep. Wool - average quantity, fine, curly. Feet thick twivst pastan. Big gut powerful leg muscles. White yellow on head and back of tail up onto back, black hair on wool and back. Quantity and fineness OK.  


Production results: Dropi gives all colors. Out of 272 market lambs had a score of 108. For recorde of 13 production years his score was 111.

This information provided by the Icelandic SOUTHRAM AI Station
See the following instructions on a detailed Explanation of Measurement and Scoring by Stefania Dignum.

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