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Iceland AI Ram Skjanni

Ram Sire:  "Skjanni"     92-968
(Sire: Smari 90640, grade for lambs 106, grade for daughters 105. Dam: 89107 200% lambing 5.3 production grade.)
Weight and Measure in 1994:
105kg - 112cm - 26.5cm - 126mm. No ultrasound.

Points 1994: 8 - 8.5 - 8 - 8.5 - 8.5 - 18(?) - 8.5 - 8 8.5 Total 84.5

Description: Skjanni is polled, pure white with lots of good wool. A broad and handsome head, broad muscular shoulders. Farily good springiness in ribs, back broad and well muscled. Loin fairly short but muscular, leg muscles very good. Feet strong and straight. Skjanni had a long body, lots of wool and is a powerful sheep.  


Production results: Skjanni's lambs were analyzed at home farm in 1993 with these results: Legs 3.9 points, rib fat 8.1mm, dressed weight 19.3kg, grade for weight 102.1 and meat quality 102.1 and placed second. Some experience form his daughters is very positive both regarding prolificacy and milking ability. For 16 production years of daughters Skjanni gets 109 in grade.

This information provided by the Icelandic SOUTHRAM AI Station
See the following instructions on a detailed Explanation of Measurement and Scoring by Stefania Dignum.

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