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Iceland AI Ram Thettir

Ram:  "Thettir"     91-931
(Sire: Moli 90-300, excellent individual and outstanding father of sons. Dam: Fimma 87-738, 200% lambing. Average score of offspring 4.7.)
In Thettir's lineage are two known excellent rams.

Description: He was shown as a lamb in the fall of 1991 and got 86 points (out of 100) and 9.5 for leg muscle, being the only ram lamb to get such a high score.

Weight and Measure: He was weighed and measured freshly shorn on Nov. 1, 1992 and these were the results: weight 75kg - chest circumference 102 cm- back (rack) with 21 cm - cannon bone 116 mm. His scores for individual body parts were as follows: Head 8, neck and shoulders 8, chest and springiness of ribs 9, back 8.5, loin 8.5, wool 7.5, feet 9, averaging 8.4 points. Ultrasound showed thickness fo back muscle as 34mm and fat covering as 3mm. Thettir is light yellow on the head and feet, does not have a broad back but thick, muscles on loin and legs well flexed, legs thick and short with good placing.  


Production Results: Thettir's offspring were studied in the fall of 1993 and from that he got super results for front body 4.55 points (out of 5.00) and for legs 4.53 points. Average cold hanging weight of lambs was 17 kg and fat covering on ribs was 11.17 mm which is a bit much and that gives a reason to warn against using him where lambs tend to be fat. Theater's daughters now have collectively 222 recorded production years and he gets 101 in score for them.

This information provided by the Icelandic SOUTHRAM AI Station
See the following instructions on a detailed Explanation of Measurement and Scoring by Stefania Dignum.

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