Books & Publication

This is just a partial list of good sheep books and publications. It helps to read anything you can find at your library. Also develop a friendship with a good sheep producer in your area and ask if he or she will be your mentor. I have a sheep mentor and her advice and input has been invaluable (Thanks Gwen!). Most of the books below are available from Sheep! magazine.

Books on Icelandic Sheep

Books on Raising Sheep

These are my favorites and ones that I refer to continuously. Try getting them inter-library loan to see if you like them before you buy. Also ask other shepherds in your area to loan you their books and back issues of The Shepherd, Sheep!, Black Sheep Newsletter, SpinOff, Countryside and other sheep and fiber magazines. Be sure you return them.... it's so easy to forget. It's good to keep a list of what you have borrowed.

Sheep Magazines

These are some magazines I subscribe to and find helpful. You might share a subscription with a friend or borrow copies from your local sheep mentor or buy someone's back issues.