Meat & Pelt Quality

Image of shorn Icelandic sheep ewes, showing meat conformation

Triple purpose breed with emphasis on meat — Improved by selection, the best sires are made available to breeders in Iceland via artificial insemination. We now have available semen from these top sires for sale in the USA.

Excellent carcass — Carcasses dress out at 45%, fine round bone and broad deep bodied conformation, yields a higher meat to bone ratio.

Gourmet quality meat — Fine texture and light delicate flavor with no "muttony" taste qualifies this meat to be featured in five-star restaurants.

Luxurious pelts — Supple, soft, lustrous silky pelts lead the pelt market in price worldwide. They are used by the garment industry and for interior decorative wall hangings and pillows. Fewer hair follicles per inch means a pelt that is supple enough to be made into coats, vests, and trim. Look and feels like fur. Available in a wide range of natural colors.