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Icelandic Sheep Semen

* The BEST rams from Iceland

* High quality semen available from many  different rams

* Proven to produce offspring with lean meaty high quality carcass

* Both horned and polled individuals

* Cost- Inquire as to availability and cost

* Purchasers must be enrolled in the Voluntary Scrapie Eradication Program


Dr. Thorstein Olafsson collected and processed the semen at the AI Station in Iceland called SOUTHRAM.
      Available for the first time in the USA: Semen from the best Icelandic Sheep Sires, Selected from 450,000 sheep in Iceland. At the time of collection, these rams were standing at stud at SOUTHRAM - one of Icelands 2 AI stations.
The sires are evaluated for:
1) Good meat type conformation with a numerical classification system for body depth and width, leg muscle, loin and strong feet and legs ect.
2) Eye muscle thickness
3) Fleece quality: fineness, thickness, color, uniformity and length
4) Progeny from these sires are tested for dressing weight, grade classification of the carcass of their slaughter lamb progeny, and the productivity of daughters and sons kept for breeding
Each ram is from outstanding sires and dams from flocks that keep excellent records.
Horned and polled sires available.
Leader sheep semen available- a prized trait exclusive to this breed. Leader sheep are extra watchful, weather savy, have a calm disposition, sense danger, have a homing instinct, and are especially interactive with people. This could have a value with predator protection.
Put up in straws for Laproscopy Artificial Insemenation (LAI)
Use Icelandic rams to improve:
         ** lamb vigor and survivalibility
         ** fast growth
         ** early maturity
         ** lean meaty conformation
         ** milking ablilty in the dams
         ** ease of lambing
         ** grass-based genetics
         ** hardiness
         ** meat flavor and texture
         ** intelligence
         ** excellent mothering
         ** productivity (reliable twinners)
         ** longevity (ewes will produce into their 13th year)
         ** colorful lustrous fleeces
Natural Colored and White rams available.

Historic Information on Iceland Rams (1)  :Information on Ari--Blaevar--Bassi--Bjalfi--Blaevar--Eir--Hnykill--Morro--Laekur--Stubbur--Sveppur

The rams available are as follows:

Blaevar 90974
Thettir 91931
Horvi 92972
Butur 93982
Mjaldur 93985
Moli 93986
Bruni 93988
Noi 94995
Ari 91969
Dropi 91975
Flekkur 89965
Skjanni 92968
Faldur 92990 Skreppur 92991 Askur 93992
Buri 94806 Sveppur94807
Stubbur95815 Hnykill95820 Bassi95821
Eir96840 Laekur97843 Morro98845

      For more information on the sheep or semen, see the articles called "The Legends have Arrived" and "Three years needed for AI import", or "Sheep AI needs specialized skills, gear, and techniques" listed on the Articles Page. Also check out the english version of SOUTHRAMS website, .

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